Oops - the deadline has passed.  Please participate next year!  It is a real mitzvah and the students and their families just love their leagram booklets.

Contact kglasgal@gmail.com with questions.


On February 25-27, the Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School and Martin J Gottlieb Day School first graders will participate in a service known as “Haggigat HaSiddur” (receiving one’s prayerbook). This ceremony acknowledges and celebrates the beginning of one’s Jewish educational journey.

To participate in a collective congratulation of the students, please purchase a Sisterhood Leagram! Leagrams are personal messages congratulating our consecrants. These messages can be handwritten by you or printed on individual sheets of special Leagram stationery and beautifully bound together in a book, which the consecrant will receive as part of their Special Day.

To purchase a Leagram, complete the form below and mark the names of those you wish to honor (or check ‘all students’ to send the same message to all students).  Payment is done in a second step as described below. (to print form and fill it out manually, click here and bring or mail the completed form to the Center with a check payable to JJC Sisterhood.)

The deadline is Monday February 21.

If you would like to pay by credit card, please  Click here to pay with paypal or credit card.  You can also bring a check or mail a check to the Center payable to JJC Sisterhood.

Thank you for your support!!


Please select the honoree(s) and write your message (repeat as many times as you wish) and pay $1 per leagram or $25 for the entire group.

Click ‘Submit’, review your submission and then click the payment option below.  If you are doing different messages to different recipients, please click ‘submit’ between each message and then pay once.

When you click to pay, you can enter the total amount of your payment.

Thanks so much!!

Click here to pay with paypal or credit card