To keep in line with our parent organization, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, our dues this year are $36.00.    And now there are 2 new ways of paying your dues:  you can add $36.oo to your next JJC payment or you can pay online – easy and safe!  Click below.

Please take our membership survey :

Being a member of sisterhood is …

  • about making friendships while enhancing your personal development.
  • about being respected for your individuality while being part of a group that shares the same goals and values
  • about supporting our synagogues, communities and each other.
  • about being a member of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism network.Your membership is vital to help our sisterhood accomplish the many programs and goals that we undertake throughout the year.Join sisterhood today….You will make a difference!

One response to “Membership

  1. Judy Shorstein

    I paid my dues by adding it to my Center membership. Is there a way to make this an annual auto debit? It sure makes things easy. Thank you, Judy Shorstein

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