Please feel free to attend our event, but lunches may or may not be available even though we ordered a few extra!  At this time, you cannot RSVP online to DNA Secrets on August 22 any longer.

 DNA Secrets Revealed – August 22 at 11:30am. – From variants to potential health risks to the discovery of new family members, learn about the possible situations that can arise from DNA testing.

Join Sisterhood as Heather Ferman reveals her hidden family secret she only learned after getting her DNA testing results.

This HOT TOPIC panel discussion includes Dr. Wendy Sapolsky, Rabbi Shira Rosenblum, and clinical therapist Ed Slade. How well are you prepared to find out about hidden family members that you never knew existed?

Please bring menstrual products or new/almost new bras for ‘Support the Girls’.  For any questions please call Marjie at 904 891 9583.

It’s $10 for members, $15 for non-members, and it includes lunch!  (light dairy wrap lunch, special meal options available on request by calling/texting Marjie at 904-891-9583.)  Please select an option below:

I/We look forward to attending!  

Members pay now – $10

Non-Members pay now – $15