In case you missed it, here is a recap of JJC Sisterhood’s opening meeting on September 5, titled ‘Sisterhood’s Buzzin’’.  Kim Glasgal, President, opened the meeting by thanking the chair of the event, VP of Programming, Rhoda Goldstein, who orchestrated a complex program.  After a few brief announcements and singing of anthems, Sylvia Lubliner gave a wonderful Dvar Torah.  We are fortunate to have her as the VP of Education!  She then spoke about the Women’s League position on Amendment 6 and encouraged members to find out more about this important woman’s issue. Susan Lubliner led the Hamotzi beautifully after which we enjoyed lunch with old and new friends.  Rhoda Goldstein introduced the program which included a presentation by the president of the local beekeepers society about how bees make honey – a staple of our New Year festivities.  Rabbi Olitzky spoke about the paradox of honey.  It is the only kosher food that is produced by a non-kosher animal.  He talked about why that was and about early mentions of honey in the Torah.  We will certainly remember his analysis:  “Where there is a Halachic will, there is a Halachic way”.

If all this weren’t enough, guests were invited to examine a hive box, taste-test different types of honey and purchase honey cakes for their own holiday gatherings.  It was a marvelous and very appropriate way to start the New Year!

L’Shana Tovah