A Little Kvelling

Shout out to Mimi Kaufman – This pastweekend’s Shabbaton guest, Danny Siegel aka Mitzvah Hero, noted several times in his presentations that we had such

food fighta clever way to promote the food drive for JFCS:  our Food Fight!!  Many of you have heard about this already, but if you have not, please make sure to bring in cans and boxes of food so that Sisterhood can beat Men’s Club!!!!!  The big winner, of course, is the JFCS food bank.

Thanks Mimi and Marty for organizing this and mucho kudos.


Shout out to Rhoda Goldstein – This weekend’s mitzvah projects were not easy to pull together, especially after being out of town the week before!  The synagogue should be very thankful for the hard work you put in, as Chair of the JJC Social Action Committee, to bring Jewish hands to good works all around the County.  Rhoda truly has an amazing network of organizations that she can point us to to do what we are commanded:  help those in need and repair the world.  Your sisters are proud of you!!
Sisterhood Rocks!