Hot Topic

 You never know what you are going to get at Sisterhood’s Hot Topic sessions!  On March 13, Rabbi Lubliner discussed the anti-circumcision movement that is spreading throughout Europe and even here in the States in cities like San Francisco.


He is pictured here with examples from a website that seems to be using circumcision as a thinly veiled cover for anti-semitism.  He is holding in one hand a picture of Monster Mohel, the evil Jewish circumciser, and in the other a picture of Foreskin Man, the aryan superhero protecting men’s foreskins from the Jewish villians.  We thank Rabbi Lubliner for a  cautionary discussion that was lively and informative!

The world continues to give us topics and Sisterhood brings them to you each month.   Please join us for the next Hot Topic on April 17 at 10:30am!!  The topic is:  ‘Having our cake and eating it too:  Egalitarianism and Tefillin’.  If we, as Jewish women, are committed to the concept of egalitarianism, why aren’t we willing to commit to wearing tefillin?