Female soldier gets called to Torah in IDF synagogue

This is so inspiring!


Female soldier called to recite blessings over Torah portion for the first time on Simchat Torah holiday • Religious soldiers at base synagogue felt the event broke with tradition and Jewish law • Will this be the beginning of a new tradition in the IDF?

Yehuda Shlezinger for Israel Hayom

A religiously observant female soldier was called to the Torah last week during Simchat Torah services, setting a precedent for the IDF. The soldier received what is known as an aliyah to the Torah, during which she recited a blessing over a Torah portion — a custom that is typically reserved for men in mainstream Orthodox synagogues. The incident sparked a firestorm on a base where many Orthodox soldiers were serving.

 The incident occurred during a prayer service in an IDF synagogue on a navy training base in Haifa. The Kipa national religious news website reported on Sunday that the…

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