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From: Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman
Subject: Urgent Action for Alan Gross

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to Alan Gross, together with Ron Halber, Executive Director of the Washington JCRC, who has been coordinating with the Gross family the campaign to free Alan.

As you know, Alan was working as a subcontractor for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at the time of his arrest. Alan has served five years in a Cuban jail on trumped up charges. Among the numerous efforts underway, is a communication which we ask that you sign and circulate. We especially urge synagogues and affiliated groups to bring this to the attention of their members during the holiday season.

Alan, in our conversation yesterday, expressed gratitude for the efforts on his behalf and asked that I convey his appreciation for all that we are doing.

Follow this link to sign the…

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